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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

The follow are some useful tools for editing CSS that you might like to know about.





CSS Editor - PBwiki now has its own built-in CSS Editor. It works just like a simple text editor, but with two main benefits:


  1. Preview of your stylesheet on a real wiki page.
  2. Automatic loading and saving of the wiki.css file.


It currently works in Firefox and Internet Explorer and select other browsers. Known problems with other browsers include preview being broken in Safari.


General CSS


Firefox Extensions/Plugins


FireBug - FireBug is a plugin that allows you to inspect everything you could ever need in a webpage. You can examine the DOM tree (the layout of a webpage) to figure out where different HTML elements are in relation to one another. You can view the CSS stylesheets, Javascript, etc. It's useful for web development in general, and you may find some use for it with CSS.


IE Tab - An ingenious little plugin that allows you to open an Internet Explorer tab in FireFox...this way, you can check the format compatibility of your styles without





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