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tag: td

Page history last edited by Kernigh 13 years, 8 months ago

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Each single cell of a table uses a <td> tag. You can use CSS to style the content inside the table cells as well as to set the padding or background color. To override, PBwiki's defaults, you need to use a #displaycontent table td selector:


td {background-color: yellow; } /* bad */

#displaycontent td { background-color: yellow; } /* bad */

#displaycontent table td { background-color: yellow; } /* good */


Otherwise, CSS will consider PBwiki's #displaycontent table td selector to be more specific than yours, and it will cascade to override your customisations.


The good line above sets the background color of table cells to yellow, overriding PBwiki's defaults?



This table has
all yellow cells.


See also table and tr.

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