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tag: b

Page history last edited by Kernigh 13 years, 3 months ago

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The <b> tag makes something bold. Whenever you **use asterisks to bold something** in WikiStyle, PBwiki will use a <b> tag. Because the <b> tag already does exactly what we want, there is almost no reason to use CSS to style the <b> tag.


You might want to use CSS to make subtle adjustments to the appearance of bold text, for example to have bold text appear in a different font:


b {
  font-family: 'URW Palladio L', serif;


However, if you **do something like that**, then it becomes almost impossible to produce any text that is plain bold, without the extras.


CSS also provides the property font-weight: bold; to make any tag bold. If you have a b { ... } style, then that does not change the meaning of font-weight: bold; in other parts of the stylesheet.

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