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Welcome to the PBwiki CSS Info wiki. Use this wiki as a resource for customizing your wiki to suit your own needs and tastes. Anyone can edit this wiki (password: pretty), as long as you respect the community atmosphere.


The wiki creator is Vietmusic (Jason Nguyen).





This wiki documents the PBwiki HTML page structure and its modification through CSS. It has these main purposes:


1. Document all HTML elements used by PBwiki (including any associated id or class declarations)


2. Tutorial information on how to edit individual elements.


3. Basic CSS information (as much as would be relevant to PBwiki customization)


Sibling Site: PBcss


Zypodulous has created PBcss to serve as a directory for wikis with custom CSS and to document the PBwiki .css files (custom and built-in). If you need a more holistic, wiki-wide oriented approach to CSS design, this is a great place to look for information and inspiration.







Introductory pages are meant to give the complete beginner/newbie a starting point to begin customizing his/her wiki.


  • Introduction - The basics of PBwiki customization.
  • HTML and CSS basics - If you've had no experience with web design, this section will be useful to you. For everyone else, it might be good review.
  • Tools - Utilities like graphics programs and editors that are useful for creating your wiki.css file.
  • Getting Started - Tips on where to begin, what's possible, strategies, etc.
  • FAQ - Questions and quick answers. If you're looking for some quick CSS for a specific task, this is the place.


PBwiki Structure


PBwiki structure covers the layout of a fully-rendered PBwiki page. This is important for choosing the right selectors (the CSS code that defines which object you're going to modify). You should understand something about CSS and HTML before approaching this section, although examples are included.





This covers details of CSS including structure of a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) as well as miscellaneous other details.



Graphic Art


Knowing the technical details of CSS without knowing how to create some of the art used in many designs is often useless. Use the following categories to create custom designs of your own.



Custom Directory

  • Custom CSS Directory - Show off and Document your own PBWiki and its Custom CSS. Also includes pages for Documenting the existing CSS Skin Themes available to PBWiki Users.



External Links



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