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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago


How do I get rid of the Welcome Message permanently?


The welcome message is in a class called firstTimer. Go there for more styling information. If you just want to get rid of it, put this declaration in your wiki.css:


.firstTimer { display:none; }


How do I get rid of the PBwiki Admin messages?




How do I get rid of tips permanently?


Tips are in a class called tip. You can of course turn off tips in your Settings. Incidently, admin messages that appear at the top of wikis during problems such as server issues are currently also presented in a <div> of the tip class. You can get rid of both with the following code in your wiki.css:


.tip { display:none; }


Note: A few caveats about the admin message. First, PBwiki's official position is that it only sends out these messages when they are VERY important. It becomes your responsibility to watch out for problems through the forums or other means if you turn off the messages. Secondly, the admin messages may be moving to another class soon.


How do I style the new SideBar?


Indepth information is currently being prepared at New SideBar. If you just need to do some basic styles to the box itself, then using the following CSS in your wiki.css:


.sidebar_v2 {
   /* some sample declarations */
   width:200px; /* go back to the old width */
   font-size:8pt; /* shrink the font */


The /* ...text... */ denotes a comment.


How do I get rid of (parts of) the 3-panel footer?


The entire thing is wrapped in a <div> of class wrapper-information, so the follow CSS declaration would get rid of it all:


.wrapper-information { display:none; }


Each section also has an individual id, so you could use that to select specific ones to get rid of, in the same way as above. View Layout Diagram for the details of the footer.


There is one small trick, however. If you do the following declaration, the first panel will NOT disappear:


#page-information { display:none; }


The reason is that a more precise selector is used previously in the stylesheets. The proper code is:


.wrapper-information #page-information { display:none; }


Replace page-information with wiki-information and wiki-premium for the remaining two panels.



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